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Update - Tuesday Feb 27 The web servers was down from 10:00pm to 1:30am for maintenance which took much longer than expected. Normal operation has resumed, sorry for the delay. KNOWN ISSUES The following bugs are being worked on right now, no need to report them again: Delivery to yahoo.com and verizon email addresses is slow - looks ok now member and events map broken fixed attaching images to forum posts error fixed uploading images to registry/profile error fixed Cannot post in the forums fixed Forum smilies not showing[..]...

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June 1-3, 2018, CCP Car auction International Center

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Purchased 5/17 Wyoming, Pa. with 14900 original miles. Car is completely original right down to the tires. Won best of class in 2017 Muncy Pa. care show. Plan upgrades in future.

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Hello everyone, Due to a complete failure of the database server, we went down yesterday at about 4PM Pacific Time. With a bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck, I was able to recover all data and provisioned a new server overnight. Everything should be working normally now, with no posts or other data lost. Ironically, it happened while I was working on a better system to back up the database. Thank you for your patience. Skye Nott Webmaster


Front License plate holder/McCarthy Auto World New extra chip key made Tire seal canister American flag Front License plate cover Convertible Top Cleaner Spray can Silver Paint Mud flaps Matching luggage bags New center console installed State Tax and Minnesota License fees Solstice embroidered carpet mats Jackpads Brass Solstice rear license plate cover Back Blade Windscreen Pontiac Valve stem caps


Hello everyone, Now that the database upgrade is nearing completion, and I finally have the ability to do "hot backups" without taking the website offline for maintenance, I'd like to give everyone a little bonus. Effective immediately, all Private Message (PM) storage limits are now doubled Free Members: 500 -> 1,000 Silver Members: 750 -> 1,500 Gold Members: 1,000 -> 2,000 Platinum Members: 1,500 -> 3,000 Hope this makes everyone's life a little easier, especially for you vendors out there that use PMs a lot! Thanks for your support, Skye Nott Webmaster


The new database servers are performing well under load, so I'll be continuing the database conversion process to the new layout for all websites, which will pave the way for better replication and backup systems. Please expect to see the "Scheduled maintenance" message on Friday night, February 17, 2017 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific time. I expect the work to take 4-6 hours as I want to take a full backup of the system for safety before making any changes. Once the websites are back up, there should be no visible difference in the operation or performance of the website. Schedule: Jan...


Hello everyone, You've probably noticed that this website has had some unplanned downtime lately. I'm not sure about the exact cause, it's probably an intermittent hardware failure as the techs keep finding the main server powered off at the console. I've been rebooting and repairing the database as needed to keep things running, while making plans to transition to brand new servers with updated database, webserver, and firewall software. The good news is I've already run the migration plan on some of my smaller websites, and it's working brilliantly. The bad news is that the frequenc...


I'm a lucky guy.....my 2009 Pontiac G6 Convertible still looks and runs like new and my 2006 Toyota Prius, same thing. I bought this car over the internet, from a dealership almost 200 miles from my home. It still had that new car smell, clear protective tape was never removed from the Sill Plates, not a dent, ding, scratch anywhere and totally pristine headlights and bumpers, Monsoon Stereo and the top is perfect. This car has never been driven in the rain or been through a car wash. I'm doing my best to keep it that way. Interior looks and feels totally new. I plan on joining a local ca...


I apologize for the rather tacky reference, but it is a long way from Ft. Lupton CO to Palm Beach, and I ran that last week, in the Sky. I had a conference to attend, and couldn't take my equipment by plane, so I did the drive. Three days out, two days back. Yes, I may not do the two day gig again, a little intense, but it worked. So how did she do, my "Stella", very well 4210 miles without a hiccup. Now I am sure somebody has done a longer drive, but this good 'ole boy was impressed that it was a comfortable drive, with an average of 27.50 mpg. As you may see, I am very happy with my "n...


14 04 18 Sky 2
Well, here it is, February 2015, ten months after my Sky purchase and I have no real complaints -- unless you consider there's NO storage in these rigs. I've gotten used to that. I did outfit the car with a luggage rack during the summer (made by KappaRACK in California) that was perfect for overnight trips. I'm no mechanic, but have no problem with doing my own maintenance. I changed out the battery (which requires pulling off the fender panel) and have done one oil change (which is easy with the proper filter socket and shallow grade ramps). I think it would be smart to acquire a set of 4 h...


New to the group....a little about "Audrey": Mods: - De-Badged, De-Striped and De-Skywarped - GMPP Stage II Turbo Upgrade - Billet Aluminum Grille Inserts - Pioneer DVD Touchscreen (AVH-X5500BHS) - iPhone 5 integration w/ AppRadio - Bluetooth and Bypassed - Monsoon Sound System - Klearz Smoked Side Markers w/ LED - DDMWorks Coil Cover - DDMWorks Polished Charge Pipes - Oracle Angel Eyes Plasma Halos - Killerglass Radiator Hose - Carbon Fiber Accents - DDMWorks Lil' Chromies - MRZ Billet Aluminum Buttress Caps - SickSpeed Anodized Aluminum Fender Washe...


Two weeks after taking deliver of my new car I installed a rear deck rack from a Yamaha GS 1300. Re-tapped the bolt holes in the rack to 1/4x20 and used bolts rather than threaded rods to mount. Rack and deck held up to 120 lbs load with no problems and was a great asset for 8 years of travel with the much needed extra space .Two flat bungees were all that was necessary and these always travelled in the back cubby.


Saturn Sky
Ever since Pontiac and Saturn introduced the Solstice and Sky roadsters in 2006 and 2007, I've wanted one. But, the requirements of being a homeowner, in general, requires the ability to move things on occasion that a 2-seater just can't do. So, for the past 8 years, I've remained practical, relying on the capabilities of pickup trucks or a crossover. Then, a few months ago, I began to entertain the notion of acquiring one of these two sports cars. An active search began, using several car-finding websites (CarGurus.com, AutoTrader.com, KelleyBlueBook.com, etc.) in order to find one in my area...


Saturday April 19th Set a course for Hot Rods Bar and Grill in Palmyra WI. It was supposed to be about an hours drive in the country but turned out longer. It was not an issue with my car but an issue with my Garmin. Seems when I entered the name and started route it sent me south into Illinois. As much as I was thinking in my mind that I need to go west it continued to take me south. I knew when I hit Illinois it was time to stop. I rerouted my drive and it took me along Hwy 173, Hwy 12 North, and Hwy 59 to Palmyra. I stopped and had a late lunch at Hot Rods Bar and Grill then headed back ...

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