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BeanMakesPower Bean Gawelko
Phoenix, USA   USA
1983 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 4WD "Cherry - Bomb!"
1988 Suzuki Grand Vitara XV6 AWD "Jurek"
Copying this from out talk over on the MG page. Wanted soem input, and Skye said thats what this is here for lol

In reply to a post by wlkelley3 Uhm, there you go again. The only difference in the engine between Pontiac and Saturn is the badge on the engine. 2.4L Ecotec NA or 2.0L turbo in every version be it Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Opel GT or Daewoo G2X.

Admittedly the Sky is better looking than the Solstice but around here the Solstice is the one being tracked as it's lighter. Sky=2940lbs Solstice=2877lbs. Not much I know but that's 66 pounds that doesn't have to be removed somehow.

I've never seen the Soltice in person, only the Sky. Im not sure what the Sky packs, but its gotta be good. People would CRAVE that car if it couldnt crap out power.

The Soltice does too, hence its use as the Red Bull drift car. But you say they all use the same motor so that means they are all equally fast.

and if you gutted each car, which would be lighter after gutting? the sky has 66 extra pounds, but where are they? in luxury insulation or thicker glass, or in the motor? Its easy to strip insulation, and get thinner glass and lighten fenders, but if its in the motor, it costs more and then requires a motor build.

If I could pull out all the fancy insulation, panels and plastic trim off a Sky, and do the same on the solstice, I would like to see the two cars race each other.... would be interesting.


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bills Avatar
bills Bill Spohn
W. Vancouver, , BC, Canada   CAN
Hi there.

The engines in the Kappas are either normally aspirated (NA) LE5 Ecotecs (~175 BHP)or turbo (LNF) Ecotecs 260 BHP.

The Sky carries more front bumper/grille weight, but not really enough to affect performance.

Some like one styling, some like the other. I have a Solstice because I wanted a coupe and they only came as Pontiacs.

Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
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The coupe is a super sharp looking car, that's for sure.

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dick98682 Avatar
dick98682 Richard Baker
Vancouver, WA, USA   USA
All 66lbs in the front grill?

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RossHulse Avatar
RossHulse Ross Hulse
Hillsboro, OR, USA   USA
The factory Stage 2 Kit raises the HP to over 300 HP. Now that's a quick car.

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